6 Expert Tips To Use Softy Cotton Pads

23 February 18
Apply toner to cotton pad

Softy cotton pads can be used in a number of unimaginable ways to enhance your everyday life. Till date, you would have been mostly using cotton pads for face, but with this article, you are all set to explore new creative ways to use cotton pads.

Read below our 6 expert ways to use Softy Cotton Pads:

1) Travel Hacks
If you are a traveler and usually stay overnight try carrying a sleek vanity kit that fits in your make up essentials. Apply lipstick, bronzer, powder, blush on cotton pads for the handy application of makeup whenever and wherever you feel like. Organizing your stuff in such a way will save a lot of space.

2) Nail Polish Remover
Remove your nail polish on the go without actually carrying the nail polish remover. Cotton pads are a great one-time nail polish remover applicator. Soak the cotton pads in the desired chemical, let it saturate and then carry it in a seal tight plastic bag. It can also be used with bug spray, astringent or rubbing alcohol.

3) Apply Makeup
Use cotton pads to apply and blend makeup on your face. The soft texture of cotton pads allows you to enhance and merge makeup particles evenly to give the desired finish to your look, not possible with hands or brushes.

4) Remove Makeup
This is the very basic application of cotton pads. All the girls out there have been using these makeup remover cotton pads for ages and very well know how to cleanse the thick layers of makeup with these cotton pads.

5) Storing Makeup Brushes
Your make-up brushes need some love too. For the pigmy makeup brushes that are too small in size cotton pads act as a cushion inside the brush box that holds the brush upright. The cotton pads attract left-out make-up debris and help in keeping your brush box and brushes tidy.

6) Make your surrounding smell good
Soak cotton pads in your favorite perfume or freshener and place it in your room or wardrobe to give your surrounding an exotic fragrance. These pads can retain fragrance for hours to deliver a heavenly experience.

We hope that the above article has been helpful to you and you enjoyed learning new ways to use softy cotton pads. Stay tuned for more engaging stuff coming up in future. Our Softy Cotton Pads are now available on Amazon.