Suzuran’s Care aid product range designed for home nursing care.

06 February 20

Suzuran’s Care AidMade for Care

These products from Suzuran care aid were designed considering common difficulties that occur during nursing care. Each care aid product has a unique feature which saves time, energy, and makes curing less burdensome.

Care aid -Makes healing comfortable!

Alcohol Cotton: This is a cotton sheet with alcohol, primarily used for disinfecting skin before injection. It can also be used to disinfect personal items and medical equipment. The individual package is easy to use and convenient to carry when you are outside.

Sterilized Gauze: Sterilized gauze is a basic item in first aid. It is an individually packed sterilized gauze useful in wound dressing. Individually sterilized packs are not only used in first aid kits but are also easy to carry in survival kits. Not only are the elderly prone to injury, but people who do extreme sports and outdoor activities must carry a basic medical kit in their bag or vehicle.

Nonwoven Gauze Sponge: Nonwoven Gauze sponge can be used in all the ways as normal gauze, and as a nonwoven, it can be used for cleaning, etc. It is also useful in wiping medical furniture and equipment.



Perforated poly pad:  Perforated poly pad is specially designed for bed sores. It has a waterproof sheet on one side and an absorbing sheet on the other side, which covers the wound and absorbs body fluids. The pad is wrapped in a perforated poly sheet which maintains a moist environment to help the wound heal faster. It comes in Medium and Large sizes.

Y cut Gauze: Y cut gauze is made for absorbing fluids in situations where a catheter is used, for example, tracheostomy. Specialized Y shape goes around the catheter and absorbs fluids that leak out in that area.

Non-stick Bandage:  The 10cm x15cm Care Aid non-stick bandage can be cut to fit wound size, and attached with surgical tape. This bandage does not stick to dried exudate, so it will not hurt or damage the healing wound when removed.