Beneficial Makeup Removal Tips

01 March 18

Makeup is like a girl’s best friend. Though natural beauty is a bliss but makeup helps in defining features and enhancing looks. Makeup can give you the desired look you want and the ability to change looks on different occasions. You do not need to carry the same look every time, you can keep experimenting with your looks. Summing it all up, looking good makes you feel elated and boosts confidence – makeup makes this possible.

However, not removing makeup properly can pose serious skin concerns. Many girls do not wipe off their makeup before going to bed. When you are ready to sleep, there should be no traces of makeup on your skin as it harmful in many ways and attracts skin infection & diseases. Always give due importance to makeup removal to avoid the aftermath.

Follow the below-mentioned makeup removal tips for a healthy skin:

1) Correct way of wetting
To remove facial makeup always wet the cotton and not the face. Select a makeup cleanser that suits your skin and use it daily. Spill it on the cotton in advised quantity and cleanse thoroughly. Be gentle in your hand movement and avoid areas near the eye. The cleanser can be applied without cotton too, but for best cleansing outcomes it is always better to use makeup remover pads or makeup remover wipes.

2) Correct way of wiping
For wiping off various layers of makeup housed in your skin you should go over the face at least twice. Wipe gently but firmly, moving in half circles out and up. Try to cleanse once and then repeat the whole process again for wiping away every particle with utmost precision. A quality pad will not leave stray fibers on your skin like cotton rolls or balls will.

3) Correct way of washing
After cleansing and wiping accurately, go ahead and wash your face to feel fresh and free yourself from makeup burden, if any. Do not be harsh and rub your face, be gentle and make sure to clean every section of your face thoroughly, including neck, ears, and collarbone. After removing the oily makeup it is important to rehydrate your skin. You can use toner, moisturizer or essence on a LilyBell pad to lock in the moisture.

We hope that the article would help in improving your makeup removal habits and enriching your skin health. Always use great quality cotton pads for face makeup removal. To find trusted makeup removal solution, visit Suzuran is a known name in makeup removal industry, with top quality products and plenty of happy customers.