Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

11 April 18
Eye Makeup Tips

If you know little about beautifying eyes through makeup read this blog about “Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners” presented to you by Suzuran makeup experts.

1. Know the shape of your eye
This is the initial step that determines the eye makeup basic for your eye type. You can explore the internet to find the correct form of eye makeup for your eye. Some you can enhance certain attributes to your eye to make them more striking. Once you know what shape is your eye you will be able to act accordingly.

2. Do not look straight into the mirror as you apply an eyeliner
To get symmetrical wings with eyeliner always tilt your head up and look down as you apply the eyeliner. Avoid looking straight at the mirror this can deform the eyeliner.

3. Heighten the arch of your eyebrow
You can heighten the arch of your eyebrow by mixing the highlighter directly into your eyebrow. For best results, try not to over blend.

4. Correspondingly, give your eyes a lift by applying illuminator simply over the brow
The use of illuminator will attract attention to the topmost point of the eyebrow, thus resembling a lifted eye.

5. To apply eyeliner easily, dot the lashes and comb them with a brush for an even stroke
If you do not have a suitable brush you can go for gel eyeliner with an angled brush, it offers great accuracy.

6. To enjoy a nuanced look keep eyelashes dotted
For complete effect, you should only use about 4-6 dots per eye.

7. To alter the shape of your eyes use nude, white and black eyeliner
The use of black liner closes your eyes and makes them fierce and tight, white eyeliner slightly opens up your eyes and makes them zoom.

8. For smoky eyes smudge dark shadow at the base and apply colored shadow above it, blend evenly
Smoky eyes look beautiful if done occasionally. To give a rich smoky appearance to your eyes use a dark shadow base below colored eyeshadows.

Remember not to overdo eye makeup, try to keep the look natural unless you are in some sort of costume or production.. We hope that the above article has helped you in learning eye makeup tips as a beginner. If you get along with them, stay prepared for some advanced tips from LilyBell.

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