Fighting our daily battles

20 December 19

Entering the Battlefield

Throughout these blog posts, a lot of attention has been paid on women and how cotton pads are used for that demographic. However, let’s turn our attention to the other half of the population, men!

Men have been stereotyped throughout history as the rougher sex, paying less attention to personal care when compared to their fairer counterparts. However, as men have entered the 21st century, our face and overall general appearance has become our ‘body armor,’ which is why men should also invest time and effort into polishing our armament in the modern age where image has become even more omnipresent.

Develop a Routine

Many men fail to practice some of the most basic and simple routines that can have dramatic effect on their appearance. Take for example, washing your face. The negligence of using a simple combination of facial cleanser + moisturizer could simply be replaced by a quick water rinse and towel dry. However, if men invested, in total, less than 10 minutes of their day in the morning and evening to properly cleanse the mask they present, a world of difference can be felt by the individual and their sphere of influence.

Polish and Sharpen

Let’s start with a facial cleanser. A simple alcohol-free cleanser can be purchased at many pharmacies. The key to this step is consistency. A regimen needs to be in place to execute this twice a day.

Finally, to keep the invaluable moisture from escaping it is important to lock it in by using a moisturizer. For those who have oily skin, it might be counter-intuitive to apply more ‘oil’ onto your face in the form of a moisturizer, but you will be surprised to know that the reason for oily skin is your body overcompensating the dryness by producing more ‘moisture.’ This in turn can cause pores to clog and as a result pimples and unsightly blackheads form. In order to ensure an even application, a cotton pad is helpful in this process, not only to apply but to make sure you are not over saturating your face with product.

The Battle Ahead

We are fortunate enough to be living in a relatively war-free society. But that does not mean daily battles are not fought. In order to put on a brave face to face these battles, let’s start with the superficial essentials that prepare us mentally for the fight that lies ahead in this modern age.