Morning Skincare

15 December 17
Cotton Pads for Face

When your skin is fresh in the morning is the best chance to deliver vital nutrients and moisture to your skin. While everyone agrees moisturizing is important first thing in the morning, there are two main schools of thought on what to do with the lotion or toners you apply.
The first is that all lotions and toners should be wiped off to leave a clean as possible base before applying any makeup. However when removing, make sure you use a smooth cotton pad like LilyBell’s Cotton Rounds. This is because some experts say that for people with delicate skin, wiping should be minimized.
This brings us to the second school of thought, more widely accepted in Asia. That lotion should be left to be absorbed into the skin. Asian moisturizers are designed to be held onto the skin as long as possible. This is one reason for the prevalence of masks in countries like Korea. A dedicated mask is not necessary, as a high quality cut cotton pads can be used to apply lotion in a pattern customized to your face.
Your local salon is always a good choice, or there are variety of blogs dedicated to different skin types can help you choose a morning skincare system. Whatever skincare system you choose, it is best to follow the instructions on your cosmetics labels as each product has a specific method the formula was designed to be used with.