Safe Ways To Store Cosmetics

27 April 18

The way you store your make-up and cosmetics, from eye makeup to lip colors to cleansers, can have a massive influence on their quality and shelf life. It also impacts your skin health. Follow the below mentioned safe ways to store cosmetics to get the most from your cosmetics.

1) Keep cosmetics away from the shower
Do not place your cosmetics like scrubs and cleansers where the water from the shower can reach them. They absorb moisture and water, making them diluted and home to many bacteria. Store them either on your dressing table, cupboard or in some other relevant cool and dry place. Dry storage is essential for not only cotton but any cosmetic not stored in an airtight container.

2) Clean your brushes
Your makeup applicator brushes need regular cleaning. Otherwise the debris of previously applied makeup will develop on them along with bacteria. Store clean brushes in a dry and clean box. Do not store wet brushes, allow them to dry first.

3) Makeup remover cotton/wipes
Ideal storage of makeup remover and applicator cotton rounds and wipes is away from dust, moisture and heat. For best results, store them in a clean box or bottle and place it in a cupboard where the temperature is modest.

4) Storing Nail Paint
Try to accommodate all your nail colors at one place. For this, you can use a shoe box, you can decorate it or paint it to make it look good. To know the color in the bottle, paint the tip of the bottle cap with the nail paint. LilyBell cotton rounds are ideal for nail paint removal.

5) Storing skin care products
Other than moisture, sunlight is also damaging. Do not leave cosmetics in direct heat or sunlight. Sunlight will degrade plastics and packaging, while heat sources do the same, as well as posing a fire risk. Always make sure to close lids tightly after use.

6) Multiply the storage space
You can actually multiply the storage space inside cabinets by pasting additional acrylic holders on cabinet doors. In this way, you can use the cabinet space fully and enjoy the extra space on doors for storing makeup and accessories. This is also an easy way to organize if you regularly forget where you left something.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the article. Good storage habits can enhance the life span of your cosmetics and benefit your skin health as well.