Why Cotton Pads are the best skin-care accessory

26 June 19

Cotton pads are good for two main jobs: Application of liquid cosmetics, and removal of makeup.

The toners of Korean skin care, lotions, moisturizers and rose-water are all best applied with a cotton pad. Pads are also best for removing makeup because they absorb well and keep your face clean.

Many people are not aware of the tool they are using to apply skincare.  They use their hands and some of them prefer tissue, wet wipes or cotton.

In daily makeup application, the above-mentioned tools may look effective but they have their limitations.

1.  Applying and removing makeup by hand: Cotton absorbs your removal liquid and makes it easier to wipe off makeup. When applying skin care, cotton pads also spread your liquids more evenly, making sure your skin care is absorbed by the whole face. Cotton pads are also cleaner than your hands. The oil and bacteria on your hands can be a cause for pimples or irritation when you touch your face. If you must use your hands, make sure they are well washed.

2. Wet wipes: When using a cotton pad, you can choose the skin care solution or removal liquid that is most comfortable for your skin. Wipes use different chemicals that might not work to remove oil and dirt off your face. For example, alcohol-based wipes might cost more and still not be effective at removing makeup.

3. Cotton rolls: Rolled cotton absorbs liquids well, but has problems with stray fibres and can be inconvenient to use. It can be hard to pull off the right amount of cotton from a tightly packed roll. When you do pull off a piece, it will send many fibres into the air and stick to your fingers. A cotton pad lets you clean your face without any irritating fibres to stick to your skin or makeup.

4.  Cotton balls: Cotton balls will also absorb liquid well, but because of their shape most of the liquid stays trapped in the ball. A round or square cotton pad will save on cosmetic use by keeping more liquid at the surface, where it is used. A cotton pad is also safer, as some cotton balls are made of polyester or have artificial colouring, or have fibres that may leave residue on your face.


So, what can you use to apply and remove makeup?

Cosmetic Cotton Pads are the best option as cosmetic accessory!

LilyBell Cotton Squares fit in the hand easily and are popular with professionals.

LilyBell Cotton Rounds are thin and save your toner.

Both LilyBell Cotton Squares and Cotton Rounds are thin, smooth and strong. This combination saves toner and takes care of your skin without falling apart.

Cosmetic cotton pads are specially designed for dealing with makeup and your face. Cotton pads have a smooth surface that helps absorb and spread liquid evenly. Usually, one cotton pad is enough either to remove makeup or apply.