LilyBell Ultra Soft Cotton Tissue/wipes


Features : 

  • Japan trusted: Manufactured by Suzuran Medical Inc. Japan’s trusted cotton gauze manufacture.
  • Chemical-free: Unlike traditional baby wipes, these wipes are unscented and chemical-free. Your skin is safe with these cotton sheets.
  • Medical cotton: The cotton tissues are manufactured in a Medical Certified facility, ensuring the product is safe for your skin.
  • 100% natural cotton: These wipes are 100% natural cotton.
  • Softer, strong, and, lint-free: Each wipe is processed through a water jet, thus creating a stronger, softer, and lintless wipe.
  • Multi-functional: Multi-use paper towel, cloth-like. softer than paper towels and can be used for a baby and adult’s sensitive skin. Even more, it can be used as facial tissue, baby dry wipe, baby wipes, disposable hand towel, softer, baby nursery, personal care, skincare routine, use to wipe face and remove makeup, incontinence care, etc.
  • Dry and Wet: Highly absorbent, perfect for cleaning spills. Also, it can be used wet to wipe up those dirty areas that require wet naps.
  • CD : 108103


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